Can you spice up children's food to make it more attractive?

One of the most frequent disorders in pediatrician's consultations is that the child does not eat. Apart from being able to use a condiment that, due to its flavor and even its color, can "animate" the usual food, it is advisable to acquire a series of healthy habits so that the mealtime does not become a torture for parents and children. It is important that there is food variety and a cheerful and confident environment, it is not time for anger or reproach. You have to establish a habit at each meal: wash your hands before eating and warn that it is time to leave the other activities and go to the table. Turn off the TV. Let's set an example with our diet and eat in a varied way, let's try different tastes, at first as a game, then the child will learn to diversify and expand his range of foods.

Let's avoid the famous children's menu with pasta and chicken and offer a variety of fruits and vegetables. It is important not to prolong the food more than 30-40 minutes and not overfill the dishes. If necessary, we should space more meals. These tips will be very useful to overcome successfully, or at least without failure, meal times.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Clinical Hospital of Z Rehab Center

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