Can you have 238 beats/min while running and not feel bad?

Question: I am 35 years old, I usually run a lot, and yesterday I went out for a 30-minute run and the heart rate monitor ticked me up to 238 beats/min but my sensations were good. Although I do not run as much as before, before I had 195 peaks of effort. I have tried several heart rate monitors with the same result. I have discussed it with people and they tell me that it is outrageous, that at most it would have to reach 185. Is it normal due to excessive exercise and not being very well physically?

Answer: Most likely, it is a measurement error, because at that heart rate you could not feel well and even less exercise. I recommend that in this situation you take your pulse manually (you can do it on the wrist, below the big toe). Heart rate monitors can sometimes confuse us a little, so it is good to base yourself on the subjective feeling of effort (you can download the Borg Scale from the Internet). Anyway, if you're more untrained now, it's normal for you to hit higher beats (though not that much!). If you are 35 years old, and I understand that you do not have any heart disease, as a general rule, you should not train above 185 bpm.

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