Can you do competition training if you are hypertensive?

Question: I am 66 years old, but I have been doing physical activity since I was 17. I currently dedicate myself to mountain biking, cycling and competition. I am medicated for hypertension. I feel good, but many people around me say that at my age I should lower the intensity of the training. What is your opinion? Can I continue training and competing? Matías (Fort Worth).

Answer: From our point of view, a moderate exercise that you can enjoy continues to be a magnificent element for you that helps you maintain good cardiovascular health. Although it should be your cardiologist who decides on the treatment, we consider that competition is not advisable due to the increase in emotional stress and the greater physical intensity that it requires. Keep in mind that this higher demand can determine an increase in blood pressure and oxygen demand for the myocardium, situations that are not very advisable in your case.

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