Can mechanical valve carriers be in the area where TACs are made?

Question: I am a carrier of a mechanical valve (titanium), soon they will have to do to my mother a TAC or a scanner. Can I accompany you during the test? María (Madrid).

Answer: CT or computed tomography (CT) is an x-ray technique that is used safely in patients with mechanical heart valves. Not so, computerized magnetic resonance imaging that uses electromagnetic fields and is also widely used as an imaging technique in the medical field, which is contraindicated in certain patients with heart valves, although in your case, titanium, unless ferromagnetic, would not be contraindicated. . Another thing is that, as a companion, ALL patients are discouraged from entering the radiology room during the scan because of the unnecessary risk of radiation. Hospital protocol usually prohibits chaperones in the ward during a CT scan, except in some cases for children if the mother is not pregnant.

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