Can I take natural vitamins to reduce the feeling of tiredness?

"As we have already said in other subjects, the additional intake of vitamin complexes, according to the usual diets at present, is not usually necessary. The taking of vitamin complexes is recommended in deficiency states, poor diet and in underdeveloped countries, which generally associate overcrowding and a poor and deficient diet.

There are many vitamin complexes on the market, which often contain energy substances such as ginsenc, whose tonic and euphoric action gives the sensation of recovery or "push" that we all need on certain occasions.

Almost all these products contain multivitamin complexes that try to restore the deficiencies that our diet could have, although, as we have said, these deficiencies are not very frequent.

The food, basic and essential pillar to maintain good health, must be rich in fruits and vegetables. The most frequent vitamin complexes contain substances such as algae, flavonoids or natural estrogens, ginseng, ginger, milk thistle, echinacea, etc.

Before an unusual, sudden or chronic tiredness that cannot be explained, it is best to go to the doctor, who will perform some analytical tests in which you can discover if there is any problem of anemia or any analytical alteration that can explain this tiredness.

If everything is normal, these compounds may occasionally be taken with vitamin supplements as a nutritional supplement, never replacing the main meals. "

Dr. Joseph Perez. Clinical Hospital of Z Rehab Center

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