Can hypertension, arrhythmias, and anxiety cause excess sweating?

Question: I am hypertensive, I suffer from arrhythmias and anxiety. My problem is that I sweat excessively and it is something that worries me a lot. Neither the cardiologist nor the endocrine has told me that it may be happening to me. Could you tell me why it is? Manuela (Tenerife).

Answer: Excessive sweating is a common problem (called hyperhidrosis) and is generally unrelated to any cardiovascular problem. It probably has more to do with your anxiety problem; the state of restlessness and nervousness (or anxiety), causes an increase in catecholamines and these cause an increase in sweating (as if in a state of continuous "alarm"), that is, that sweating is a physiological response, probably to the anxiety you suffer.

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