Tearing is caused by air that has cooled down the stomach. Every time you swallow food or liquid, you also swallow air, and when that air comes up again you rap. Some rapes more often than others, and in exceptional cases it may have underlying causes. In most cases, however, this is perfectly normal.

Rapes are considered in many contexts to be unkind, and you can get many disapproving looks if you rap in the company of others. Despite this, it is natural to cure, but if it happens all too often or if you otherwise suffer from it, it may be good to contact your nearest health care center. A doctor can determine if any action is needed or if help is available.

What is the reason for rape?

The most common reason for rapes is that air that is cool comes up again. Only 10% of the air is added during the digestive process. When the air builds up in the upper abdomen, it causes tension, which causes the lower esophageal sphincter muscle to relax. When this happens, the air is pushed up into the throat and then comes out through the mouth. In addition, there are also diseases that can cause rapes, and you then experience it as if you are raping unusually much. Excessive wheezing can be caused by almost all diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Examples are bowel obstruction, diaphragmatic hernia, gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying and gastrointestinal reflux disease).

Symptoms of belching

If you have suddenly started to cry more than usual, it can be counted as a symptom. If you rap so much that it bothers your everyday life then it is a problem, and should be taken seriously. Different people rap different things a lot, but if the rapes are perceived as abnormal then there is the risk that they are too.


At the health center you can answer questions about their rapes. It takes into account how much you rap, if it gets worse when consuming certain foods, if you experience other symptoms together with the rapes and if they have gotten worse. Based on this, the doctor can then decide if and what can be done to relieve the problems.


Since raping itself is not something dangerous or unusual, the cause must first be found before treatment can be initiated. The treatment will then be based on the results, to overcome any underlying cause. It is not possible to treat only the rapes, as this is normal, and when extreme raping itself is a symptom of something else.

Other about rapes

There are many diseases and conditions that can cause an increase in air in the stomach, or that can otherwise cause belching. It is important to contact a health care center if you experience discomfort when you are raping, or if it happens more often than you normally feel. In most cases it is quite natural, but in exceptional cases it can be something more serious. Some of the more acute conditions that can cause ruptures are abdominal abscess and heart attacks.

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