Broken toe – symptoms, relief and care

A broken toe is a fairly common injury which is usually caused by dropping something on the foot or hitting the toe of something. In most cases, a broken toe heals by itself without treatment.

A broken toe can be the result of several types of accidents. It can be about everyday events such as hitting your toe or foot in a piece of furniture. There are also those who break a toe when running outdoors or practicing team sports.

Symptoms of broken toe

Some of the most common signs that you have broken a toe are pain, swelling and discoloration. The pain may remain for a few weeks while the swelling may persist for a long time. It can be difficult to wear shoes without it hurting, especially tight shoes. Occasionally, the damage to a toe may also result in injury, nail damage or other surrounding fractures or fractures in the area.

When a child hurts feet or toes, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms. It can be difficult to know if it is a stabbing, a broken toe or a broken leg in the middle foot. If your child has a lot of pain and is unable to support the foot or toes towards the ground, you should seek care at a health care center.

About the legs in the feet and toes

Our feet consist of 26 larger legs and a variety of muscles, joints and ligaments. The legs in our feet can be divided into three areas:

  • The forefoot (which in turn consists of five metatarsalbenes and 14 so-called “phalanges”)
  • Midfoot (consists of Cuboideum, Naviculare and the three different Cuneiform bones)
  • Halibut (consists of talus and calcaneus)

The big toe and our other toes are made up of phalanges and are part of the forefoot. The big toe consists of two phalanges, while the other toes consist of three.

Relief of symptoms of broken toe

There are some things you can do on your own to relieve a broken toe. If you are in pain, you can have your foot in a high position, for example with the help of a chair, to reduce the swelling and reduce the pain. Even non-prescription medicines for pain and using spacious shoes can help.
It may be good to use shoes with stiff soles to relieve the pain from the toe. You may need to be on sick leave for a few days if your work means you have to go a lot.

If you exercise a lot, it may take a while before you can start activities such as running where the foot and toes are strained. When you start exercising again, you may need to slowly decrease the intensity and listen extra to the body’s signals.

Do you need to seek care?

Whether you need to seek care or not often depends on which toe you have broken. If you suspect you have broken your big toe, contact your health care center or an on-call clinic. If you think you have broken any of the other toes, you usually do not need to seek care. Seek care from a health care center if it hurts a lot or if the broken toe points in the wrong direction.

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