Body in children – Symptoms and Treatment

Do you suspect your child has a body? The body of children is usually recognized by a barking cough and a breathing that sounds squeaky or strained. This is often a difficult situation for children and parents, and can sometimes last for up to a week.

The trouble often comes in connection with a cold and usually goes away by itself. However, it can be very uncomfortable with such a strenuous cough that it is difficult for the child to get air. Krupp can be relieved at home and rarely causes serious worries.

Symptoms of body

Krupp often comes in the evening and in connection with other illness or infection. The cause of croup is due to a swelling in the throat, which gets worse when the baby is lying down. For this reason, croup is most common at night.

Some common symptoms in the body:

  • Tired breathing.
  • Barking cough.
  • It wheezes or beeps as the child breathes.

This is how body is treated

It is important to try to calm and comfort a child who has a body. Much can be done at home, the most important thing to keep in mind is:

  • Let the child sit up for the cough to decrease.
  • Cold air can reduce swelling in the throat. Therefore, it may be good to open a window so that the air cools down a bit.
  • If the baby is stuffy in the nose then you can give a little nasal spray to make it easier to breathe.
  • Since cold reduces swelling, you can also try to let your child drink cold water.

When should I contact healthcare?

If the child’s condition worsens, you may need to contact your emergency room or emergency room. This applies, for example, if breathing is impaired or if the child has a high or rising fever.

When the baby’s breathing becomes very heavy, 911 need to be contacted. The same applies if the child’s lips or fingers turn blue, which is a sign of lack of oxygen.

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