Auditory inflammation (external otitis) – Symptoms and Treatment

That it itches a little in the ear, everyone has probably been aware of at some point. However, irritating itching and perhaps even pain from the ear canal may actually be signs of inflammation.

An ear canal inflammation is an inflammation that can be caused by eczema or infection of the ear canal. The disease usually begins as an eczema in the ear canal. The eczema swells and an inflammation is formed. It is common for this type of illness to occur when it is hot and humid, which is why it occurs more often during the summer.

Symptoms of ear canal inflammation

Common symptoms of ear canal inflammation include itching, irritation and warmth. The aches can be aggravated when you lie down and sometimes there will also be movements from the ear.

Symptoms of ear canal inflammation

  • Itching in the ear.
  • Swelling/seams.
  • Pain.
  • Temporary hearing impairment (often in connection with bath or shower).
  • Cloudy or thick smelly liquid that runs out of the ear (less common).

Hearing eczema often goes away by itself and there are prescription drugs at pharmacies. Hearing eczema can in some cases lead to an infection of the ear canal, which can be very painful and also cause a fever. The infection can also spread to the outer ear which becomes red, swollen, hot and tender, it can also become the skin around the ear. In these cases, you should contact your health care department, even if the inconvenience does not go over

Diagnosing Ear Inflammation – Ear Inflammation and Wax

When you visit the doctor you will use an otoscope or ear microscope to examine and look into the ear. Either of these two tools helps the doctor see how inflamed the ear canal is. Samples from the ear (or ear canal – whichever is best) may sometimes be necessary to determine the underlying cause. Usually, this ailment is handled at the health center. In case of no effect or more severe cases, visit to the ear-nose-throat specialist may be needed.

It is good to know the difference between ear canal inflammation, ear inflammation and wax plug in the ear so that you can treat properly. These three are similar in symptoms and it is the small differences such as hearing loss or soreness and pain in the ear canal or ear that can swell that it may be more than just ear wax trouble.

Painful wax plugs Too much production of ear wax, narrow ear canals, being there and petting, dusty and dirty work environments or the use of, for example, hearing aids or earplugs can lead to wax plugs. Common symptoms are then hearing loss, sensation of lid to the ear and sometimes even pain, dizziness and cough. If you experience any problems, treat immediately and avoid poking in your ear. Wax plugs can be painful but there is no prescription treatment at pharmacies.

Ear Inflammation Often occurring in children, not infrequently with colds, sometimes also occurs in adults. Ear inflammation means that it is formed where the middle ear and the eardrum become red, thick, can bulge outwards and move worse. Ear inflammation hurts and usually hurts most when lying down as the pressure in the middle ear increases. Both children and adults may experience impaired hearing during ongoing inflammation, and you may also have a fever, which is most common in children under one year. Sometimes the eardrum can crack which can hurt very much, however, the pain usually diminishes rapidly afterwards. If the eardrum breaks, it usually runs out where in the ear canal. Although it sounds dramatic, the eardrum often heals itself without any lasting but, on the other hand, care should always be taken if the eardrum has burst as the inflammation is often severe and needs to be treated with medication.

Treatment of otitis media

There are both prescription and non-prescription treatments available if you suffer from osteoarthritis. If you have contact with a doctor, it is always important to explain how exactly you experience your problems, which can help when making a diagnosis.

  • Anti-inflammatory solution that is dropped directly into the ear canal, and aims to reduce swelling and itching.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Prescription-free treatment (ear drops without antibiotics)
  • Prescription-free ear spray

It is good to know the different types of ear ailments and to consult the health care what it can be about when it differs how you treat and with what. There are also different variants of ear canal inflammation and the different treatment options are tailored to the symptoms you have.

Auditory inflammation is often harmless

Inflammation of the ear canal is harmless but can be very troublesome and irritating due to the itching and swelling that can cause pain. Both children and adults can suffer. Try to keep your ear dry and avoid moisture if you notice irritation or eczema in the ear on yourself or your child. It can be preventative and possibly the eczema goes back and you do not have to suffer from otitis media. Initially, you can talk to pharmacy staff to inquire about which treatment is right for you and if the symptoms worsen, or if they do not go over, contact your health care provider.

Ear wax, on the other hand, is perfectly normal and important for keeping the ear naturally clean. Ear wax that does not cause problems should be left out. However, you can think of the following:

  • Avoid unnecessarily cleaning your ears.
  • Do not use cotton swabs or other objects in the ears.
  • If self-help does not work, take the symptoms seriously and ask for advice.
  • Clean hearing aids, headphones and other devices as recommended by the manufacturer.

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