At what age can a child start brushing their teeth? Do you need toothpastes, rinses or special brushes? How many times a day should you wash them?

The habit of denture care can develop from four to six months; that is, when the baby stops breastfeeding and starts taking porridge, fruit juices and other foods. In general, it is advisable at this early age to clean your children’s teeth at least once a day. At two years, most of the child’s teeth have already left. It is time to start brushing them like the elderly, with a little pasta, a “pea” of fluoride paste. It is better that you do it after each meal, of course with toothpastes and toothpaste whose fluoride content is suitable for your age. In the dentifrices themselves and in pharmacies they can guide you on the amount of fluoride recommended for each stage of childhood. They should be washed from top to bottom, and all parts, with a soft brush initially. It is very important that children acquire the habit of brushing. If at first it is difficult for them to do so after each meal, you can start by getting used to brushing their teeth just before going to sleep. At first, many young children resist this habit and need parents to help them a little. Normally, in kindergartens and schools is where there are campaigns in which proper brushing is promoted and taught, but at home it is the task of parents who never forgive their teeth, even if the pieces are still milk . According to the specialist, starting to brush your teeth at 4 or 6 months is what an expert advises or recommends.

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