Are there harmful foods for children of about two years, due to the risk of choking?

When thinking about recommended foods for children under five, two factors must be taken into account: size and texture. Children under two years of age, or even those who have already fulfilled them, have not yet fully developed control of swallowing times, so that even a grain of rice can be ingested erroneously and go to the tracks respiratory They are also not able to chew quickly, so somewhat hard or large pieces of food can also be a problem and pose a risk of choking or choking.

In general, up to three or more years should avoid pieces of hard raw vegetables and fruits (with skin or peel), dehydrated uncooked fruit (raisins), sausages and large pieces of meat, whole grapes, Nuts, peanuts and popcorn. Care should also be taken with treats; chewing gum, hard candies and all those that are similar to toys because of the shape and color are prohibited, since the child can confuse them and choke while playing.

After two years, children make four meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) and it is advisable to offer soft fresh fruits in small pieces, such as pumpkin, rich in vitamin A. They can also be introduced into the diet eggs, fish, shellfish and dairy products. In fact, to favor teething, you can give them milk with cookies before going to bed.

Mireia Arjona. ICE Health

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