Are light products healthier?

The term light refers exactly to the number of calories provided by the food, in relation to its non-light version. Therefore, a light product is one whose energy intake in calories is at least 30% lower than those containing the same amount of the original.

This light effect is basically produced by decreasing the amount of sugars and fats in the food processing. There is much controversy about what the term light means and also about the fact of its possible benefits or the convenience of its existence in the market.

Light products do not lose weight, they simply provide fewer calories in the daily diet than their original equivalent; for example, cheese or pate will continue to be fatty products with great caloric intake even if they are in their light version.

Many times you fall into the error that by consuming the light version of the product you can take more quantity, which has finally been ingested more calories than if we had eaten the original product.

Many of the products announced as light do not meet the premise of providing at least 30% of calories less than the original, so it is recommended that the consumer review the labeling and compare it with that of the original product to avoid surprises.

Dr. Joseph Perez. Doctor and team manager (- Z Rehab Medical Center)

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