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Z Rehabilitation Center

The Institute for health research and training is a non-profit organization dedicated to health research and training. We collaborate with all the agents involved in health care, since health implies the co-responsibility of all of them: from public administrations to patients, through health professionals and including providers of all those goods and services related to Health.   

Promote the development and strengthening of the provision of health services, through the Regional Services organized in Network, according to the values ​​and principles of the Care Model, to contribute to the health of individuals, families and communities.

To be recognized by society as a highly effective institution in the management of the provision of health services in an environment of equity, effectiveness, efficiency, quality and transparency.

Institutional values

  • Equity: Creation of opportunities in health according to the needs of the population.
  • Efficacy: Ability to achieve the proposed objectives.
  • Efficiency: Ability to perform the proposed at the lowest cost in resource use.
  • Quality: Ability to maintain a certain standard in the provision of services.
    Transparency: Manage internal resources and procedures with adherence to ethical standards and free access to the information available to all actors.
  • Warmth: Maintaining a pleasant, welcoming and familiar work environment for all users.
  • Social responsibility: Contribute to the sustainable and sustainable development of the environment, the family and vulnerable segments of society, without compromising the resources of future generations.

Our Review Board

Our Doctors

Z Rehab covers a wide range of topics ranging from medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes; to important public health problems, including bullying, opioid abuse and addiction, mental health and HIV and AIDS.
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